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Latest news

May 5: Added a few pages.

May 3: The welcome text is rewritten.

May 2: Some extra content is added.

May 1: The website is online


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Welcome at Charclo Center

The goal of this website is to share the things I learn about Python, PyGTK, Python-GStreamer and PyClutter. I will also present my projects here which are off course written in Python. And to fill some space I will place some tutorials here about Python related programs and Ubuntu. You can find out al about me and how to contact me on the About page and there are some really interesting links to Python websites on the Links page.

The reason I started this website is because I couldn't find a central place on the web with all the things it takes to develop a program in Python. All the information to do this is spread around.

This site is still a work in progress. Some pages are still empty. Check back in a few weeks!

Latest news

May 5: Added pages
Added the about and the links pages.

May 3: Welcome text rewritten
The welcome text is completely rewritten.

May 2: Added extra content
Some extra content is added to the sections python and projects.

May 1: Where online!
The web site is online.