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May 5: Added a few pages.

May 3: The welcome text is rewritten.

May 2: Some extra content is added.

May 1: The website is online


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Hello, my name is Charclo, I'm a twenty something years old electronic designer.
My hobbies are messing around with computers, having fun with my girlfriend and friends, driving my motorcycle, riding my bike, skating and watching series and movies.
I have got a pet cat named Prutske.

I spend a lot of my free time (too much) on my computer and most of that time I'm working on my Python projects or working on this website. As my main OS I have been using Ubuntu for a few years now and I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes I also use Windows XP but that's mostly for work.

If you want to give feedback on this website, you can do it here.
You can also contact me at charclo {dot} michael [at] email-from-google (dot) com.

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